This section explains how to use the Dropbox logo and its system across our three main applications: See, Buy, and Use.


Logos in products

Logos in products serve two purposes: to identify the product and to provide a link to its root. While the Dropbox glyph can be used on its own outside of products, all in-product logos must include the full wordmark. This is especially important for newer products with less brand recognition.

Foundation Logo Use Badging

The global header and app launcher exemplify in-product logo usage.


For products in alpha and beta phases, it’s important to make users aware that the product they’re using isn’t as stable as more mature products. This sets reasonable expectations and encourages users to reach out if they find bugs. To communicate alpha and beta status, we include accessory badges next to logos that represent products in these earlier phases.

Foundation Logo Use Badging

A badge can be included directly next to the logo or the product name

Dos and Don’ts

Foundation Logo Use DoBadge

Include a badge if a product is alpha or beta.

Foundation Logo Use DontNotBadge

Don’t omit the badge for unstable products.

Foundation Logo Use DoMatch

Use the Dropbox glyph only to represent Dropbox.

Foundation Logo Use DontMismatch

Don’t use the Dropbox glyph to represent other products.

Foundation Logo Use DoUseRightColors

Use the provided global glyph colors.

Foundation Logo Use DontUseWrongColors

Don’t recolor logos arbitrarily.


Use a wordmark or a glyph close to the product’s name.

Foundation Logo Use DontUseWithoutLabels

Don’t use a glyph on its own.

Foundation Logo Use DoUseForProductOnly

Use a logo to represent a product.

Foundation Logo Use DoUseOnce

Use a single logo.