This section details the categories of shape in the Dropbox ecosystem and how they can be paired to create visual cohesion and/or contrast.


When applied strategically and consistently across the end-to-end product experience, Shape can help direct a user’s focus, build recognition and trust, and contribute to the overall impression of our brand.

Shape categories

Elements in the Dropbox ecosystem fall into one of three distinct shape categories. Characteristics of each category are outlined below.


Square elements represent the most common shape and work in harmony with Planes, which are the foundation of layout compositions.

Planes create visual distinction among groupings of content. Elevated components (Z1) appear above the base plane and navigation plane. When placed within the context of a view, they bring structure, cohesion and repetition to the experience.

Square elements in Dropbox products

Sharp Circle

Halfway between Square and Rounded is the Sharp Circle. This shape is used across our Global Icon Library and Logo Grid as a softer expression of the Dropbox brand, and is inspired by the characteristics of Sharp Grotesk.

An animation showing the sharp circle shape across the Dropbox icon library


Rounded shapes contrast square shapes and create visual contrast. Use rounded shapes for small UI elements to draw focus and attention.

An example showing how rounded shapes are used in Dropbox products