The toolbox of visual design elements that help build our brand.

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Customer Journey

The See-Buy-Use framework orients you through the lens of the end-to-end customer journey, ensuring a consistent experience of Dropbox as well as optimizing for the specific needs of each moment.


This section explains how to use the Dropbox logo and its system across our three main applications: See, Buy, and Use.


This page explains how our font families are used across communications and our main applications: See, Buy, and Use.


This section explains the Dropbox colors, values, and how they’re used across our three main applications: See, Buy, and Use.

Layout and Planes

This section explains how we use planes to guide customers, create order, and focus attention.

Visual Imagery

This section details the many visual imagery elements that make up our system. They each serve a specific purpose, depending on the communication goal.


This section details the categories of shape in the Dropbox ecosystem and how they can be paired to create visual cohesion and/or contrast.