This section details the categories of shape in the Dropbox ecosystem and how they can be paired to create visual cohesion and/or contrast.


Shape expresses brand

Consistent use of shape throughout the end-to-end experience helps express our brand. Shape, applied strategically through an app, contributes to the overall impression a brand makes.

The Dropbox logo glyph itself leverages sharp edges to represent a box. As a wordmark, the glyph balances the rounded shape of the text and creates visual contrast.

Example showing the shape of the Dropbox logo

The File Bubble

The File Bubble shape takes inspiration from Dropbox's iconography system, and more specifically, from the Sharp Circle shape.

Dropbox file bubble
Example File Bubble 2


An example showing how not to round corners on buttons

Don’t round corners on CTAs

An example showing the correct way to use a button, without rounded corners

Do use our square CTA style